Reminders for Your Next Property Investment

propertyinvestmentMaking a perfect property investment UK is serious business. This applies even when such acquisition involves your own home. These are after all big ticket purchases that come with fairly significant value, if not a lot. So the next time you do, here are a few reminders from to set you on the right track.

  • Assess your finances. – We can’t possibly buy every single property to our heart’s desires. Well unless you belong to Forbes’ richest list. The primary reason being that they come with a price and although not all of them are priced at 6 digits and beyond, they will still require significant cash. This makes it important to know and to assess one’s financial capacity and ability at the onset.
  • Set up a budget. – To make sure that all needs are accounted for, a lot your available resources wisely by creating an effective budget.
  • Make sure that it’s for you. – We all have different needs and wants so what might be ‘it’ for another may not be the same for you. See to it that the investment you make suits you and your needs.
  • Think ‘convenient’ – The asset has to be convenient in all aspects possible and this is not solely exclusive to transportation.
  • Check for safety and security. – Investing in an unsafe property is preposterous. Safety and security here means more than just crime rates and natural disaster probabilities. It also pertains to structural integrity and architectural features.
  • Have it surveyed. – Prior to closing in on the asset, see to it that it has been examined by a chartered surveyor. This professional shall help you validate and determine important information necessary for decision making such as market value, useful life, depreciation, appreciation, ongoing costs and more.
  • Do your own research. – Even with an expert on your team, do your fair share of the work. Look up the property. Ask neighbors about it. Research what you can.
  • Ensure ownership validity. – See to it that the person selling the asset has the rights to do so or is a representative of someone who does otherwise you’re in deep trouble.
  • Keep the ongoing costs low. – A great property investment is not only reasonably priced but it also comes with low ongoing costs. These pertain to repairs and maintenance expenses that are exclusive of the sales price and are regular spending necessary for asset upkeep in the long run.


Do’s and Don’ts to Decorating Your Commercial Property

commercial-propertyA commercial property, although primarily meant for business purposes, should never be diminished to boredom and mediocrity. Offices and work spaces shouldn’t be boring. This is all the more true if the asset is meant to be on the front line, for example as a shop or retail space.

So if you’re planning to decorate your commercial property anytime soon, we bet this list of do’s and don’ts from will come in real handy!

Do measure everything first. Things would turn out horribly wrong if you go out and buy stuff without measuring your space first. Planning is important and this includes knowing what fits where.

Don’t forget to put it in budget. Business is still business so this means that everything has to be cost efficient too. Make sure that all expenses are well within one’s limits otherwise this project will turn out sour.

Do acknowledge the power of paint. A simple change in color can do wonders. Paint is the simplest and cheapest item that one can use to create a drastic change in any space.

Don’t underestimate plants. Who doesn’t love greenery in interiors? They’re a cool addition apart from the fact that they help relax the eyes. Green is after all a soothing color. Ever wondered why chalkboards have it for color?

Do bring in the light. Proper and adequate lighting is necessary in commercial properties to ensure productivity and to set the right mood and aura. The presence of windows shall also make way for an influx of natural light.

Don’t weed out ergonomics. The way a commercial space is designed must be ergonomic. In other words all elements from furniture to fixture to décor must be safe and work-friendly. Accidents are a major no-no in any office.

Do think of function. It is possible to combine both form and function in one. Just because a desk or cabinet is functional doesn’t mean that they have to be boring. The right choice of colors, textures and materials does wonders.

Don’t buy what doesn’t last. Updating your commercial asset is an investment on its own so it is pretty common sense as to why getting items and doing renovations that are long lasting become a must.

Do unleash your creativity. Of course, decorating any commercial investment property requires a whole lot of creativity and imagination. Throw in hard work into the mix as well and you’re good to go!