Packing for a Commercial Property Move?

commercial-property-moveIf you’re moving into your new commercial property then chances are you’re in for one massive packing spree. With so much to do, operations on a roll and time breathing down your neck, things can become severely stressful. But don’t worry. We’re here to help. Here’s how you can pack for your office relocation in no time!

  • Come up with a moving team. – This team should be composed o f several individuals coming from across the various divisions in the organization. This way, each department gets to have an opinion and a voice when it comes to the brainstorming and will have a representative for communication purposes.
  • Back yourself with a plan. – This is no easy task. Moving is a bold and tedious responsibility and it has to be done in as fast and as efficient as possible. Let’s not forget that a business on the move is operations in full or partial hiatus. Planning gets things organized and saves time. This includes having to plan which items and rooms to pack first and which to do last.
  • Call in the professional movers. – You can’t tackle everything all on your own and with everybody already on their toes with their regular duties and responsibilities, you can’t expect them to pack and leave their desks the whole day. Movers are your best bet and with their skills and expertise they can get the job done faster and better while the organization does their usual thing, making profits.
  • Remember that label is king. – With everything in boxes, it’s hard to determine which one goes where and what their contents are. Putting labels and tags should save you all the trouble and headache later on.
  • Protect your breakables. – Use quality packing supplies in order to protect not only your breakables but each and every asset you have in the office. See to it that all boxes are sturdy and that they come in various sizes to fit different types of items. Bubble wrap is magic when it comes to protecting the breakables. Also, don’t overstuff a box so much that it becomes impossible to carry.
  • Communicate to your employees. – Last but not the least do make sure that you communicate all the tasks to your employees. Packing cannot be completely done by the professional removal firm. There will be items that must be done on your own like personal items. Confidential documents and backing up of files must also be done by the staff themselves before moving to the new commercial property. Adequate and timely communication is therefore very important.